Jul 24, 2023

5 things you need to know about the technology associated with loss management in water distribution

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, technology accompanies us, facilitating and simplifying many everyday activities. All technology comes to help us in our tasks!

In the management of losses in water distribution, it is no different. The IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions developed by Stattus4 have come to accelerate results. Check out the benefits they provide for water distribution loss management:

1. Optimizes decision-making

With reliable field data and historical records available on the screens, the distribution situation becomes simplified and objective.

2. Leaks found more quickly

The Artificial Intelligence system daily indicates suspected leak points, allowing the specialized team - the geophonist - to focus their work only on these locations.

3. Control of field activities

Recording the days on which the field team was at each event, including date, time, and photographs allows for accurate monitoring of services.

4. Map visualization

Having a map of the area under control, indicating all pressure and hydraulic load measurements, the system also delivers Minimum Nightly Flow Rate and Research Factor.

5. Increased productivity

With data always up-to-date, the Management and Operation teams focus on important events.

In summary, the use of technologies has provided advances in water loss management. From faster leak detection to the analysis of precise and useful field information, technologies enable a preventive approach, contribute to reducing losses - before they become more significant and financially sustainable - and are essential to preserving what is essential: water!

Our technology adjusts to the different needs of water distribution companies. Talk to us and learn more about Stattus4 solutions!


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