The solution to your difficulty in reducing losses in the water distribution system is here.

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Our focus is to help you manage your water distribution system based on loss prevention, using Artificial Intelligence and IoT.

We understand the challenges that you have faced for:

  • Desafios

    Implementation of loss control measures

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    Field team management

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    Scarcity of specialized workforce

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    Lack of reliability in field data

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    Lack of time to analyze available data

With the use of Artificial Intelligence and IoT, we can monitor and control the distribution system, identifying problems quickly and efficiently. Thus, in your decision making you will have a full scenario.

4Fluid Móvel

4Fluid Mobile

Focused on digitizing loss management, 4Fluid Mobile optimizes the field scanning process and helps identify suspicious water leaks.

Sistema Ada

Ada System

Composed of IoT pressure devices (Pascal or similar) and Artificial Intelligence, the Ada System unlocks a new level of water distribution loss management.



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