4Fluid Mobile

The 4Fluid Mobile is the technology that identifies potential water leaks in distribution networks and pipelines using Artificial Intelligence. It all starts with data collection in the field, which is sent to the cloud, and AI analyzes the noise. We have already collected over 4 million audio samples, improving the algorithm day by day with each new collection.

Equipped with a collector with a rod, the field team conducts a survey of water meters. This team does not necessarily need to be composed of geophysicists; it can be operated by non-specialized labor, such as plumbers or meter readers.

The equipment features team traceability functions, identification of water meters without access for auditing, and includes a specific app to assist the geophysicist in registering the leak location. With the app, it is also possible to estimate the volume of recovered water and access all data through the internet, facilitating information management.

In addition to monitoring field service, the system allows for a record of the entire work history, management, and investigation of suspected leak points. All this information is available in dashboards that present productivity, leak type analyses, and socio-environmental impact in a straightforward manner.


  • Team traceability
  • Identification of water meters without audit access
  • Estimate of recovered water in cubic meters
  • And much more!


  • Historical records of fieldwork
  • Management and investigation of suspected points
  • Dashboards for productivity, analysis, and impact
  • And much more!


  • 4Fluid Mobile, developed by Stattus4
  • Battery life of up to 3 days
  • App for work management
  • And much more!


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