Rational and sustainable
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We are a technology startup engaged in building Smart Cities and Sustainability, collecting and understanding natural resource data and making it available to more people. Our services are structured on a tripod:

  • Sensoriamento IoT: coletando os dados;
  • Inteligência Artificial: transformando os dados em informação;
  • Dashboard: presenting the information already structured for decision-making

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Our solutions support two fields: sanitation and natural gas

4Fluid, our flagship system, is designed to improve the efficiency of water distribution by combating real and apparent losses. For this, techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT are applied.

4Gas is a solution that combines IoT techniques, using telemetry to remotely capture Natural Gas consumption data and forward the information to the cloud server.


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4Fluid: different types of sensors

4Fluid aims to improve the efficiency of water distribution by combating real and apparent losses. Developed with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, 4Fluid collects data from the field through sensors - mobile or fixed.

Mobile sensor x Fixed sensor

4Fluid Mobile

4Fluid Mobile works by reducing real losses in the distribution system. It allows teams to use an optimized field scan and identify potential leaks through Artificial Intelligence.


Fixed 4Fluid

The Fixed 4Fluid addresses not only real losses, but also apparent losses, unifying the 4Fluid Mobile technology, the pipes’ pressure measurement data and the hydrometers’ consumption data. It allows users to understand occurrences in the field and outline the strategies for their resolution.

The Fixed 4Fluid is developpment

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4Gas: the ideal solution for analyzing piped gas data

Through IoT technology, 4Gas remotely reads the consumption of natural gas through sensors that capture data from the gas meter and sends it to the 4Gas cloud system.

Our pillars

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Since 2016

+ than 80 cities

10.000.000 millions

of inhabitants served

20.800 leaks





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