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We develop solutions aimed at water conservation through early detection of leaks and consumption inconsistencies.


Are you facing difficulties in reducing losses in your water distribution system? Know that Stattus4 is ready to assist you.

4Fluid Móvel

4Fluid Mobile

Focused on digitizing loss management, 4Fluid Mobile optimizes the field scanning process and helps identify suspicious water leaks.

Sistema Ada

Ada System

Composed of IoT pressure devices (Pascal or similar) and Artificial Intelligence, the Ada System unlocks a new level of water distribution loss management.

We Save Water!

Cidades Atendidas
150 +

cities served

Hidrômetros  Auditados
4 million

audited water meters

Volume de Água Salva

Water Volume Saved

Km de rede

Km of network

Those who preserve with us

Here are some distributors that already have our solutions.

Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW
Parceiro Fundação VW

Customer Testimonials

See below the testimonials from customers who have already used our solutions.

"Although the system allows the collection of sounds from the rods to be done by any employee, the geophysicists remain an essential part of identifying leaks. We can cover much greater distances in less time, and with greater effectiveness... and we can do this because the geophysicists understood that nothing works without them."

Fernando Colombo

Ferdinand Columbus

Loss Management Manager at Sabesp in Franca

"Water supply systems have dynamic behavior and generate information continuously during their operation. Stattus4's loss control solutions reveal to operators the patterns and behaviors that this information brings during operation and about critical events. Translating this information in a simple, accessible, and scalable way is essential for good operation and for reducing and controlling losses."

Prof. Dr. Daniel Manzi

Prof. Dr Daniel Manzi

Founder and Technical Director of EXAQUA

The partnership between Sabesp and the startup Stattus4 was fundamental to the success of the project and was a clear demonstration of how the union of efforts can generate innovative and effective solutions for society's demands.

Fátima Brito

Fátima Brito

Civil Engineer at Sabesp

"We started using Stattus4 solutions in October 2022. We already had a team dedicated to water losses, both in Araxá and in the Western Business Unit. The differential of 4Fluid was its dynamism, the ease of interpreting data, the accuracy in identifying leaks, and for the first time, we managed to cover all the connections of the locations in a short time. We, from the Araxá Regional Management, are moving towards the optimal indicator, and Stattus4 is certainly contributing to that!"



Copasa Araxa

“The team was hesitant to use 4Fluid for leak detection work. But since it identified a correct point, there has been motivation, and the experience with the technology has been very positive. Having a direction to the locations with suspected leak points allowed us, for the first time, to quickly cover all the connections in the area, which improved the productivity of the entire team.”

Izabela Iacillo

Izabela Iacillo

River + Sanitation

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IoT: transforming loss management

With technological evolution, batteries have become smaller and more efficient, increasing the useful life of devices. And the connection went through 3G, 4G….and today we have 5G, the new generation of mobile networks that is much faster.

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