July 6, 2023

Ada System: A/B Testing in sectors with different loss levels

A distributor in the south of the country recently implemented one of our technologies, the Ada System. The strategy was to carry out the test in 2 different sectors of the city, with around 1,000 connections and 11 km of network each.

Sector A results: more unbalanced

Before the use of our technology, Sector A had higher loss rates. The Real Loss was 750 thousand liters of water per day and the ILI was 26.0.

After installing 40 pressure sensors in this sector, within 4 months the operational team became familiar with the system and followed the reports and graphs generated. Points considered suspicious were checked and repaired.

At this point in the test, the Real Loss rose to 250 thousand L/day and reached an ILI of 10.0.

Another important benefit of the Ada System was the ability to monitor the performance of the water distribution network in real time. Through an online panel, the manager can monitor in real time the consumption, pressure and Hydraulic load of the selected sector. 

These are results that demonstrate how the use of the Ada System allows a significant reduction in losses in terms of water and provides financial savings.

Sector B results: more balanced

Sector B had more balanced performance rates compared to sector A. Before using the Ada System, Sector B had a Real Loss of approximately 150 thousand liters of water per day and an ILI of 4.5. At this point in the test, we managed to reduce 50 thousand liters of water per day, reaching an ILI of 3.0.

Overall, the water distributor's losses sector saw a reduction of 66% in just 4 months! It is results like this that indicate that we are on the right path, creating technology to preserve essentials and contributing to the supply of drinking water for the entire population.



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