March 5, 2024

Recicla4 Project

We are a company whose mission is to apply technology to preserve the essential thing: water. One of the things that drives us, in addition to saving the world's water, is reducing our environmental impact.

We do not want to sit idly by, watching global warming increasingly become a reality.

We understand that starting small, carrying out actions at home... is a first – and big – step towards promoting sustainability and leaving the planet better than we found it. Therefore, the Recicla4 Project was born.

What is the Recicla4 Project?

The Recicla4 Project (read, recycle four) aims to reduce the environmental impact of Stattus4 employees, encouraging the recycling of materials that are often not recycled locally due to the little profit they offer.

Materials that our employees can recycle

Cleaning sponge

Have you ever noticed how many sponges we use at home? Those greens It is yellow, very Brazilian, should be in almost every home in the country.

Whether pink, blue, purple, yellow…according to TerraCycle, 360 million synthetic sponges are produced annually in Brazil.

They clean our dishes, our pans, even our tiles. But after so much work, what is their fate? Common trash? No way!

We know that sponges are made from a mixture of plastics, including polyurethane plastic, which makes recycling them very difficult and not economically viable.
But, there is a way out. They can be transformed into new products.

Our employees can deposit sponges at office collection points, regardless of size or brand, and in partnership with TerraCycle, we will dispose of them correctly.

We take this opportunity to extend an invitation: How about using vegetable bushings?

In addition to being sustainable, which common sponges are not, vegetable sponges are less contaminated, do not scratch dishes and are compostable.

And still a curiosity, did you know that they are the pulp of a fruit that grows a lot in Brazil? Luffa, also used for medicinal purposes. Yes, it is possible to have a loofah plant in your home.

Dolce Gusto coffee capsules

Each coffee capsule that is not recycled can take up to 500 years to decompose. But it turns out that material is 100% recyclable and can be transformed into new objects.

In partnership with the usual recycling cooperative, we will dispose of plastic items correctly…preventing the material from going to landfills.

Writing materials

Our employees will be able to discard: pencils, mechanical pencils, pens, markers, erasers and other types of writing materials that are common in the office.


Cells and batteries contain heavy materials in their composition, such as: zinc, lead, manganese, and some even mercury.

In nature, a pile can take centuries to decompose. However, heavy metals never degrade.

Did you know that a single battery can contaminate up to 600 thousand liters of water! In common garbage, they can pollute the soil and groundwater. ☠️

Social Benefit

In addition to the environmental impact, with each shipment sent to TerraCycle, we will accumulate reward points that can be donated to a non-profit institution.



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