Let´s preserve together?

Stattus4 was born as a Startup. The idea was simple: what if we made a bionic ear to find the leaks? Little by little the goal started evolving and Stattus4 understood that the best way to detect leakages was to develop an Artificial Intelligence capable of analyzing this leak from the sound that the water emits.

Today, Stattus4 goes far beyond the detection of leaks and can do the analysis of consumption reading of water meters, the pressure of networks, avoiding, for example, damage to equipment and shortages.

Our technology is suitable to unique needs of the water distribution companies. We have already identified more than eight thousand leaks and have saved more than 46 Olympic swimming pools per day in volume of water. We have the experience of someone who has audited more than two million water meters.

We preserve what is essential!

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Our Manifest



Foundation of Stattus4.

At the time, the ideas were to develop a bionic ear. We Moved to Technological Park of Sorocaba - PTS Parque Tecnológico de Sorocaba.


4Fluid Móvel was born, first device and we participated in the InovAtiva acceleration cycle. We received support from FAPESP though PIPE program.

BID, Assemae and Sorocaba Inovação Awards.

BID, Assemae and Sorocaba Inovação Awards.

Climate Ventures and IguáLab.

Climate Ventures and IguáLab Awards.

Generation 5.

We started to develop IoT and more modern system by using Artificial Intelligence.

4Gas Pilot.

First IoT pilot with 30,000 devices for reading natural gas consumption.

Headquarters change.

We moved to a new headquarters. We received investment from Synthase.


Achievement of international clients, selection for Sanepar Startups and Domo Enterprise investment fund.

Our culture

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Apply technology to preserve the essential

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To be recognized worldwide as a company with social and environmental impact, applying cutting-edge technology to preserve natural resources

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Ethics, Teamwork, Positive Thinking, Proactivity, Intrapreneurship

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