May 27, 2024

First Webinar: Celebrating our 9 years!

In 2024 we are celebrating our 9 years. To celebrate this date, we held the our first webinar “Transforming Challenges into Tangible Results: Practical Case and Impact and ESG Report”.

It was a meeting full of valuable insights and important discussions about reducing water losses in distribution.

We thank everyone who participated in our event. In particular, our guests, Anderson Rocha, Superintendent of Prevention and Combating Losses at Rio+Sanitation, and Valter Lucas, COPASA Hydrometry & Loss Manager.

We celebrate a historic moment for Stattus4, marking our 9 years of existence with an audience of 116 people watching us live! 🎉

If you want to see the live stream, access the YouTube link by clicking here ⬅️

During the webinar we launched our first Impact and ESG Report.
Generating a positive impact is an essential part of our DNA, and this report represents our commitment to being accountable to society for our activities.

🔗 Therefore, we invite everyone to download the material at the link below



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