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We are a startup inserted in the context of smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainability. We have developed a Water Distribution Management System, with the main focus being the automatic detection of leaks in the distribution network.


We believe it is possible to improve the world through technology, using resources in a rational and sustainable way, to help managers make better decisions in managing their resources, we work with Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning.

We develop technologies based on sustainability

so that the use of resources is done in a rational and sustainable way.

Founded in 2015

We received support from FAPESP through the PIPE-FAPESP program, and in 2016, we were incubated at the Sorocaba Technology Park, where in the same year we were finalists of the Inovativa program (cycle 2016.01).

Partner Águas de Votorantim

In January 2017, we signed an important partnership with the sanitation company Águas de Votorantim. We had the opportunity to test, and validate, all technology developed until then.

Innovative Startup 2017

In June 2017, we won first prize in the Innovative Startup Award at the 47th Congress of ASSEMAE – National Association of Municipal Sanitation Services, being recognized by the sanitation market as an innovative company.

Our Expertise

Smart Cities

With the increase of the urban population and its agglomeration in large centers, the “Smart Cities” have been identified as the future of city management. Its development can bring greater sustainability and real improvement in the services provided to citizens. Here are some examples:


  1. Through technology, it is possible for the traffic manager to monitor traffic lights by adjusting their opening and closing time, improving the flow of vehicles;
  2. Applications that allow the identification of the bus routes, informing the waiting time for their arrival at the point, the expected time for the transfer, as well as alerts informing if the passenger is near its end point, etc;
  3. Technologies capable of detecting if there is leakage in the water distribution networks and branches, identifying waste in a certain region of the city;

IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT or “internet of things” has been presenting itself as the next step in technological development. This tendency allows physical objects (buildings, machines, traffic lights, automobiles, etc.) to collect data and transmit it without the need for human intervention.
The great revolution caused by IoT is the possibility to control environments and situations automatically through protocols and control rules. See the following examples:


  1. A network of pharmacies, for example, can control the temperature of its stores in real time, preventing fines from ANVISA in a possible inspection;
  2. By the vibration of the pipes, data collectors are able to identify if there are no apparent leaks in the branch of water distribution;
  3. Using a body-coupled sensor, it is possible to monitor the performance of professional athletes, predicting future muscle injuries or a possible fracture.

Industrial Internet of Things

One type of IoT application is IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Its focus is specifically the application of sensoriments and controls in the industrial context. The field of application of IIoT is very wide, since within the industry it is very important to have control of the operation of machines and equipment. Such control may in some cases be critical to the health and safety of the company’s employees. See the following examples:


  1. Sensors to control the temperature and pressure of steam boilers, avoiding their overheating or the probability of an explosion;
  2. Sensors in warehouses making control and separation of stock automatically;
  3. Control of machine and equipment configurations, optimizing their use;


Baita Aceleradora
Inova Sorocaba
Águas de Votorantim
Parque Tecnológico de Sorocaba