We are a tech startup

Our solutions are focused on sustainability.

We apply the whole intelligence developed with researches to help managers to make the best decision about resources management.

Operating Areas

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT or  Internet of Things is the communication from machine to machine via internet which enables  physical objects to collect data and transmit them without the need of human intervention through intelligent sensors, software and a network.

Which objects are these?

Literally “anything”: buildings, machines, traffic lights, vehicles,watches, fridges, etc. 

In other words the great revolution caused by IoT are the several connections and opportunities to control environments and situations automatically through protocols and control rules.

IoT intention is to provide more safety, control, information, productivity and practicality and it is fundamental for the emergence of  smart cities.

Smart Cities

The “Smart Cities” have been pointed out as the future of cities  management , offering more sustainability and services improvement delivered to citizens through IoT.  

These are cities where technology is used to make infrastructure better and processes more efficient, impacting directly on people’s life quality.  

Among several aspects that stand out there sustainability, nobility, logistics and energy. The more the objects are connected the more intelligent the cities management will be.


Created in 1987 by the World Commission about Environment and Development, the sustainability term means “development that meets present needs without compromising future generations of meeting their own needs”.

Today, sustainability implementation is essential: with the world population growth and shortage of natural resources the rational use of such elements are becoming increasingly necessary.

A way to do it is through sustainability application to smart cities. The data collected through IoT can help the decision-making  by reducing, for example, the losses in water distribution. 

Main Solutions

4Fluid: is an intelligent management system and water distribution monitoring focused on losses reduction. Its mission is to end water shortage in urban centers.

Our Team

Our team is multidisciplinary and focused on resolutions of urban development challenges. We are continuously searching for creative and sustainable solutions to optimize processes and resources.

Marília Lara

Administrator and master in marketing from the University of São Paulo (USP). Marília has built her career based on entrepreneurship and innovation.
Worked in a family business for 8 years focusing on the strategic development of the company.
Co-founder of the startup Stattus4, focuses her work in the areas of commercial and marketing. Seeking to develop business and processes in order to structure these areas in the startup.

Antônio Oliveira

Engineer and mathematician applied by the University of São Paulo (USP). Antonio has solid experience in developing hardware based systems. Today he acts as CTO at Stattus4, being responsible for the technological development of the solutions and the improvement of the value creation to the clients.


Luís Eduardo Machado

An electronic engineer graduated from Mackenzie, Luís has a career of over 30 years in product development, having undertaken a design house for electronic solutions for a wide range of markets – from automotive equipment to banking and medical automation equipment. Today he is one of Stattus4’s IoT managers – focusing his activities on better value delivery through startup-developed equipment.


Anderson Fraiha

PhD in Computer Science from IME-USP and Universitat Politècnica de Catalúnya (Barcelona), Anderson has a strong background in audio and voice processing, creating intelligence systems to work with a wide range of issues – from legal construction to noise analysis. pipes. Today is the Principal Researcher on Stattus4’s Artificial Intelligence team – being responsible for its design and construction.

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