Consumption Control

Is your goal to manage billing and track consumption? Our consumption-oriented solutions are ideal for distributors who, for example, need to identify supply problems quickly, or who seek to reduce default rate by monitoring the consumption of each client. Learn more about our solution with this focus:

Consumption Control

Turing Consumption:

More control for your field

Do you want to learn more details about consumption in a specific region? Turing Consumption sets up maximum and minimum consumption per water meter that is registered. When something goes out of plan such as reverse flow, non-standard consumption, or even internal leak, the alarm system is activated, which allows a quick correction of these events.

The system is also suitable for mapping and monitoring strategic consumers, supporting demand modeling and dynamic consumption management. All data is sent directly to the web system which makes the access easier.

Turing Consumo is compatible with Pátia (pulse/induction) and allows integration via API with third-party devices that the client has already installed in the field.


- Configuration of maximum/minimum consumption per HD;

- Alarm management (reverse flow, consumption outside the maximum and minimum, cable cut, internal leakage and low battery);

- Web system for data access;

- Commissioning control.


- HD scaling;

- Mapping and monitoring of strategic consumers;

- Support for demand modeling;

- Dynamic consumption management.

Applied Devices

- Patia (pulse/inductive);

- API (integration with customer devices already installed in the field)

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