4Gas: a smart system for remote consumption readings

4Gas was born to deal with a problem most gas distributors face:

Problem: 90% of customers (residences) correspond to only 20% of the turnover.

Effects and wastes: Complexity in field management. Large and costly operation to deal customers that do not have a high turnover.

What you need: Scalable and viable solution for daily field management. The main routine activity of a distributor is data collection, and if it can be done remotely the company benefits in greater dynamism and lower operating costs. Combining smart technology with natural gas distribution processes is the way to promote sustainability and engage the business.

O 4Gas

4Gas optimizes the reading process using smart meters - the system allows analyzing the consumption profile to improve gas distribution processes.

How it works?

Developed with IoT technology, the 4Gas system performs telemetry of gas consumption through sensors that capture data hourly and forward it every day to the cloud server. After sending the readings, a manager can get 24 individual readings of each sensor per day to refine their current gas distribution strategies. The sensors used to capture data are adapted to the 4 main standards in gas consumption meters. Installation is non-invasive and does not require replacement of gas meters.



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