4Fluid: solution against water waste

Brazil wastes 38% of water from the springs in the distribution process. If we saved 20% of the lost volume, we would be able to supply all 35 million Brazilians who do not have access to drinking water. Investments in loss management in the sanitation area are essential to improve people's quality of life and ensure that everyone has access to the basic and most important natural resource for life: water

The 4Fluid

4Fluid's mission is to improve the efficiency of water distributors by combating losses.

Mobile: Composed of a collector with a rod, an application and a dashboard, 4Fluid collects data in the field through IoT sensors. The Artificial Intelligence system points out if the data reveals a possible leak and sends the information to the management panel, supporting the decision-making process. 4Fluid makes it possible to view management reports, follow the field team and focus the specialized service where actual leaks are located.

Fixed: El 4Fluid Fijo analisa las perdidas reales (fugas) y las perdidas aparentes (fraude, conexiones clandestinas, contadores de agua averiados, etc.). Es um sensor fijo que recopila datos de vibracíon, consumo y presió. Em desarrollo, para obtener más información sobre la tecnologia, comuníquese com nosotros. 

Solution linked to 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) according to the 2030 Agenda.

Considering all of 4Fluid's problem solving abilities, it contemplates 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN for the 2030 agenda.

4Fluid is linked to the following SDGs:

7 1 6 5 1 34 7 10 6 2 4

Since 2016

+ than 80 cities

10.000.000 millions

of inhabitants served

20.800 leaks




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