Solutions for the use of resources in a rational and sustainable way

We are a startup that builds smarter cities from the Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainability  – of business, environment and society. 

Artificial intelligence for a better world

We believe that it is possible to have a better world through technology and the use of rational and sustainable resources. To do so, we work with Artificial Intelligence, data analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning by helping managers to make better decision and  processes more efficient.

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Learn more about 4Fluid

Our first and main development is 4Fluid, a water distribution management system that is mainly focused on automatic leakage detection in the distribution network.

How our sustainable management
solutions work:


Collect your information

Data are collected from fixed or mobile device of high durability and integration capacity with intelligent systems. Hardwares have different sizes fit for each situation.


Keep a real-time monitoring

The devices communicate via IoT with our intelligence system in the cloud providing real-time monitoring of data collected and ensuring much more action control. 

Data analysis

Receive optimized information

We have created a data analysis method that through the Machine Learning automatizes the patterns identification and makes decisions with the minimum of human intervention. After that, the  non structuring data information is interpreted, allowing  intelligent decision-taking and finally the Pattern Recognition classifies the objects (image, waves or other measures) within the categories and classes. 

Management Dashboard

Uncomplicated Analysis

The sustainable management system makes the access to the collected data easy and is available for computers, tablets and smartphones with processed and optimized information for strategic actions.


Reports Have a single vision about your resources

Our reports are simple to be accessed and interpreted. You have the power to choose the information you want to analyse and provide as many  reports as you need.



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