Aug 10, 2023

Viewing of monitored sectors in one place!

The water loss manager plays an essential role in ensuring the efficiency of the city's water supply system. Its main responsibility is to monitor and reduce water losses in the distribution system, which may occur due to leaks, pipe ruptures, measurement errors, among other factors.

The routine of the water loss manager is not easy. He must be attentive to dozens (perhaps hundreds) of installations that may require his corrective action. To know how each installation is doing, it is necessary to switch screens, point out addresses and check the status of the sector.

The importance of visualizing the monitored sectors in one place is fundamental for the efficiency of water loss manager operations.

Stattus4 offers a solution that allows this visualization, the Ada System. With it, it is possible to monitor all distribution sectors, analyzing the situation of each one, comparing with the historical behavior and generating alarms in case of significant deviations.

For the manager's supervision, he can select how many sensors he wants to see simultaneously on the sector map. Thus, it is quick to check the behavior of the entire sector on a single screen.

The consolidation of information in a control panel or software allows agility in decision-making to minimize losses and ensure adequate water supply to the population.

Our technology adjusts to the different needs of water distribution companies. Talk to us and learn more about Stattus4 solutions!


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