Aug 14, 2023

Digitization of the scanning process

Before we talk about the digitization of the scanning process, let's understand how the traditional loss reduction team performs the leak detection process.

The scanning of the water meters is the important beginning of the leak detection operation. Usually, the geophonist visits all households looking for signs of losses. They use notes and printed scripts to guide them and fill in with the observed situations.

A difficult job for one of the most important professionals in the company, not free from the possibility of mistakes in notes. After all, nothing more human after a whole night doing the scanning.

Digitization is helping the loss management team

Yes, digitization has been a great ally for water loss management teams, especially during the scanning and leak detection process in the field. The introduction of digital technologies brings numerous advantages that make this process more efficient and accurate. Here are some benefits of digitalization in this:

1. Faster leak detection: With digitalization, the team can use data analysis algorithms to identify patterns that suggest potential leaks, even in extensive areas of the distribution network. This speeds up the detection process and reduces the time needed to locate the leak.

2. Precise location of leaks: Advanced sensing technologies, such as leak acoustics and geophony, allow for more precise location of leaks in the field. This helps to avoid unnecessary excavations and reduces operational costs.

3. Reduction of waste: With faster and more accurate leak detection, the team can quickly take action to repair them, avoiding significant water losses and reducing waste.

4. Greater operational efficiency: Digitalization provides an overview of the distribution network, enabling optimization of scanning routes and repair operations planning. This results in more efficient use of team resources and equipment.

5. Data and historical storage: With digitalization, it is possible to record and store historical data on leaks, repairs, and interventions performed.

6. Improved decision-making: The availability of real-time data and advanced analytics allows the team to make informed, evidence-based decisions, directing their efforts to the most critical areas and reducing response time.

Get to know Stattus4 Solutions

With the 4Fluid Mobile solution, scanning can be carried out by operational personnel - plumber, consumption reader. The geophonist will only be called to suspected leakage points.

All scanning documentation is electronic, with easy-to-access maps and scripts, and there is automatic registration of visited addresses, date and time of visit, and recording of the situation found. If necessary, photos of the horse's head can even be included.

With all documentation digitized, the Loss Manager can check team performance and have data to prioritize the next steps in tackling losses.

Our technology adjusts to the different needs of water distribution companies. Talk to us and learn more about Stattus4 solutions!


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