Jul 3, 2023

4Fluid Mobile for COPASA

The Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais (COPASA) is based in Belo Horizonte and is among the largest sanitation companies in Brazil. It provides water supply and sewage treatment services to 640 cities in Minas Gerais.

With a focus on sustainability and a culture that understands the importance of dedicating teams to water loss management, the COPASA of Araxá and other municipalities that are part of the West Business Unit have acquired the 4Fluid Mobile, one of the technologies developed by Stattus4.

Get to know the 4Fluid Mobile: Digitalization of the scanning process

A solution that collects field data, turns it into precise and useful information, optimizing the manager's decision making and contributing to the digitalization of the scanning process.

The 4Fluid Mobile is the technology that predicts potential water leaks in distribution networks, optimizing the geophone specialist's work and allowing the specialized team to focus only on points where problems are occurring.

One of the tools of 4Fluid is the audio collector with rods. The field team collects the data by touching the rod to each water meter; the system captures the sounds and is equipped with cloud connectivity, so our artificial intelligence analyzes the data and makes useful information available in dashboards.

Benefits achieved by COPASA

To combat water losses, in late 2022, COPASA began scanning the Araxá region using the 4Fluid Mobile. This scanning was completed in 22 days, collecting samples in about half the city, a time about 50% shorter than traditional scanning.

With the reports issued by the system, leakage points were identified, and the distributor's geophone specialist only needed to visit those points, confirming 37 leaks.

After the repairs, there was a reduction in losses of about 1,138 m³ per day, equivalent to 34,140 water tanks per month.

See the customer's testimony!

"We started using Stattus4's solutions in October 2022. We already had a team dedicated to water losses, and the differential of 4Fluid was the dynamism, ease of data interpretation, precision in identifying leaks, and for the first time, we were able to cover all the connections of the locations in a short time. We are working towards the optimal indicator, and Stattus4 is certainly contributing to that."

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