Jul 3, 2023

Interior São Paulo dealership reduces water losses and provides financial savings.

Located in the interior of São Paulo, the water company treats around 3 million liters of water per day. In order to improve its services and further optimize loss management, at the end of 2022 the company tested the Ada System - click here to learn more about this technology that has arrived to unlock a new level in loss management.

Benefits achieved by the distributor so far

Before mentioning the benefits achieved, let's contextualize the field in which the test was conducted... The selected sector has a network of 17.3 km and serves 2,000 households. For the test, 12 Pascal devices were installed, which are exclusively for Ada System use and are used to measure network pressure.

Let's get to work! With the devices installed, the Operation team was instructed to make the best use of all the resources of the Ada System. And since January, when the operation began, the sector has been showing data that indicates that it is well balanced.

So far, 8 important leaks have been identified, which were not previously observed by usual techniques. With this, the Research Factor went from 0.8 to 0.3 and the Minimum Night Flow from 11 L/sec to 5 L/sec. More than a 50% reduction in loss!

Another important benefit of the Ada System was the ability to monitor the performance of the water distribution network in real time. Through an online panel, the dashboards, the manager can monitor the consumption, pressure and Hydraulic load of the selected sector in real time. These are results that demonstrate how the use of the Ada System allows for a significant reduction in terms of water loss and provides financial savings.

Our technology adjusts to the different needs of water distribution companies. Talk to us and learn more about Stattus4 solutions!


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