Solution for water leakages

4Fluid is  a  management and losses monitoring system in water distribution based on Artificial Intelligence and IoT, contributing to the strategic field operation. Its mission is to end water shortage in urban centers.

In other words: it is the ideal solution for water leakages issues in networks and branches!

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How does the solution work?

4Fluid is based on a tripod composed of sensing, Artificial Intelligence and decision-making support.

The system goes through the field and identifies the points occurrences of possible leakages through a portable sensor. This analysis is done by an Artificial Intelligence system and the result is presented on a Management Panel where the manager has full control of the field team, points history, work audit and much more.

Portable or fixed sensor?



From the automatic noise analysis carried out by the Artificial Intelligence, the portable sensor helps in the noise scanning by enabling professionals to focus only on likely leakage points.



The fixed sensor links commercial and operational data in real-time on the platform. It is possible with it to check whether there is leakage or not through the noise, read the consumption and monitor the pressure in each water connection where it was installed.  Artificial Intelligence is used to cross data and provide alerts and insights by optimizing the decision-making.

How about the data?

All the information is provided directly on the Dashboard of the software with intelligence integrated to Google Maps where the manager can hear the audio, analyse pressure data, consumption reading and use as a visit guide a  map or see satellite images  of the exact point of the probable leakage. 

In the traditional method, the specialist analyses all the points. With 4Fluid the investigation is done only in points that the tool points out as suspicius of leakage.

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4Fluid: A success against water waste

The solution operates in more than 28 cities of Brazil, serving more than 6 milion people and helping water distributors companies to reduce losses.

Solution linked to 6 Sustainable Development Goals according to the 2030 Agenda

Among all the possibilities of 4Fluid issues resolution, the solution is related to 6 of 17 goals of the Sustainable Development established by UN for 2030 agenda

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